• I’ve never doubted that I came to this world to draw!

    Yen-Chung Hsiao (also known as Loïc Hsiao) is a cartoonist, an artist, a professor, a theater director and playwright, a TV show host and more. He’s a jack of all trades.

    In 1984, Loïc Hsiao became widely recognized in Taiwan because of his work “SHORT: fairy tails untold”. He has since then created 30+ comic books. His fans enjoy his unique humor and sarcasm.

    Loïc Hsiao is famous for his single-panel comics. After being in the industry for more than 30 years, he is inspired to use a tablet for his creative works, each a piece of technical perfection sprung from his finger tips.

    Fans have always appreciated Hsiao’s witty comics and heartwarming paintings of animals. He recently amazed fans with his portrait collections by using simple lines and designs to sophisticatedly capture the essence of each person.